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Doctor & Staff Biographies


Name: Raymond H. Craft, DVM

Position: Veterinarian/Practice Owner

Hire Date: 1982

Hobbies and Interests: Dr. Craft enjoys History and guitar. He is also enjoys playing and watching golf.


The son of a sergeant in the Marine Corp. and orphan from the Depression, Dr. Craft became the first person in his family to graduate from college. He earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland in 1970, followed by his veterinary degree which was obtained from the University of Georgia in 1974. Dr. Craft believes he has truly lived out his dreams. He moved back to Maryland in 1977 and worked for 5 years at the first dedicated animal emergency clinic in the United States at that time, located in Rockville, Maryland. Dr. Craft married Dr. Dodson in 1982. Togther they founded and operated Petvacx Animal Hospital and Veterinary Services Inc., boasting the first mobile veterinary clinic of its kind around the country. Seven years later, Petvacx Animal Hospital and Veterinary Services, Inc. expanded by opening its full-service Animal Hospital. Dr. Craft served as a Board Member of the Montgomery County Humane Society for ten years. He has also worked with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources on projects involving injured deer, and participated in local government bodies promoting humane handling of animals under government care. In addition to his two wonderful daughters with Dr. Dodson, Dr. Craft has 5 pets and multiple other blessings he is grateful for. 

Name: Deborah Dodson, DVM

Position: Veterinarian/Practice Owner

Hire Date: 1982

Hobbies and Interests: Dr. Dodson enjoys cooking, being with her family, and following and playing tennis. She loves to speak Italian at any opportunity she gets.


Dr. Dodson attended the University of Maryland for her undergraduate degree and then graduated from veterinary school at the University of Perugia in Italy after attending for 5 years. Dr. Dodson is married to Dr. Craft, with whom she founded Petvacx Animal Hospital and Veterinary Services, Inc. in 1982. Dr. Dodson is the proud mother of two intelligent and highly motivated daughters (both of whom are following in their mother's footsteps and studying abroad). Dr. Dodson is also a proud pet owner and mom to 4 dogs (Biscuit, Brownie, Fila and Lola), ) and 2 cats ("Milo" and "Mittens").

Speaks Italian also


Name: Shelly Paniagua

Position: Office Manager/Technician

Hire Date: May 2007

Hobbies and Interests: Shelly enjoys riding her motorcycle, being outdoors, drawing and supporting her favorite football team, The Ravens.


Shelly was born in Silver Spring, MD. Her parents moved to the United States from Bolivia before she was born. Shelly graduated from Colonel Zadok Magruder High School and has since continued her education at Montgomery College. She and her two sisters are all bilingual, speaking both Spanish and English. Shelly has been with Petvacx since 2007 and  has a Pomeranian named "Chico".

Speaks also Spanish

Name: Wanda

Position: Veterinary Technician

Hire Date: 2008

Hobbies & Interests: Wanda enjoys hiking, camping, biking, and extreme sports during her free time. She also loves to draw and paint, something she has been doing since a child. Wanda's interest in different cultures, religions, and authentic foods, has led her to travel extensively around the world.


Wanda was born in New York, but lived most of her childhood in Maryland. She graduated from John F. Kennedy High School and upon graduation shipped out to boot camp. As a former Marine, and having served her country in Iraq and Afghanistan, she has spent most of her time overseas before relocating to Maryland from San Diego. She has two dogs, "Akira" and Ra'sha", a kitten named Valentina, and a Nanday Conure named "Isis."Wanda is currently completing her Bachelor's Degree at University of Maryland and was trained by Petvacx to become a Veterinary Technician.

Speaks also Spanish

Name: Janice Allen

Position: Kennel Attendant/Housekeeper

Hire Date: April 1995

Hobbies & Interests: Janice's hobbies include horseback riding and bowling. She also really enjoys going to the movies, shopping, and vacationing. 


Janice loves animals and oversees the cleaning of the hospital and kennels for all dogs, cats, and clients. She enjoys taking the dogs out for their walks and giving the cats love while tending to their individual kennels. Janice has been with Petvacx longer than any other employee and is an extremely valued member of the Petvacx family. Janice’s passionate love is for horses, and she has won several Special Olympics metals during competition. Janice’s personal pet is a Guinea Pig named "Cheezwiz."

House Cats

Name: Butters

Position:  Official Greeter & Petvacx Mascot

Hire Date: October 2011

Hobbies & Interests: Butters enjoys greeting all clients as they come through the front door, stalking & annoying Kelsey daily, making messes, chasing computer cursors, and always being absolutely adorable.


Butters was brought into our hospital by the Montgomery County Police Department after being hit by a car. Although he was injured and scared, he was full of life and personality. While sweet and charming, he was VERY, very dirty. After assessing him, our Doctors found that he had some nerve damage in one of his front legs, which left him with a little limp, but otherwise he was in great shape and just needed a bath, a meal, and a home. Every staff member fell absolutely in love with him during his stay with us. With very little persuasion from the staff, the Owners of Petvacx Animal Hospital, Drs. Craft and Dodson, opened their doors to him and gave him a permanent place to live. Since Butters became a part of the Petvacx family he has made himself known to all staff and clients as the Personal Greeter of Petvacx. You will often find him on our front desk counter pacing and purring in front of anyone who will give him a good rub. In the best of cat fashion he is completely self-absorbed and believes the world revolves strictly around him and loves being catered to. When Butters is not busy greeting clients and trying to get Kelsey's attention he enjoys chasing lasers, practicing his adorable "Puss In Boots" eyes, distracting staff members from their work, and sniffing out trouble wherever he can. 

Name: Kelsey

Position: Kelsey does not work. Kelsey cuddles, that is all.

Hire Date: December 2009

Hobbies & Interests: Kelsey loves lounging in the sunlight, ignoring Butters, maintaining her robustly girlish figure by eating everything in sight, being pampered, and cuddling up in any lap that allows it.


Kelsey's previous owner found her outside as a stray kitten of about 12 weeks old in 2005. She has been taken care of by Petvacx's Doctors her entire life, and has always been a sweet girl with just enough sass to make her stand out among our clientele. When her beloved owner passed away in 2009, Kelsey was once again an orphan with nowhere to go. After some consideration to whether she might be happy living here at the hospital as one of the Petvacx House Cats, it was decided that we would take her in. It took some time for her to transition from living in the quiet and calm home environment of a domestic cat to the hustle and bustle of a busy Animal Hospital. Needless to say, however, following her realization that she could be queen of the castle and get lots of love from all of the staff, she took to her role like an heir to the throne. Kelsey is the epitome of what a cat should be; she loves eating, napping, and hunting pretend prey... But mostly just eating and napping.